Legal Disclaimer K.K at all times respects the right to privacy of all of our clients.

If you wish to have any of your photograph(s) removed from our public galleries, please contact our office with details of the event name, event date and images number(s), so our staff can assist you.

Private password-protected galleries are available upon request. K.K reserves the right to use any images that we take, for our promotional materials, in our advertising and on our website, for the sole purpose of promoting and advertising our company. If at any time you would prefer that your image(s) not be used, please contact us. We always endeavor to ask for permission before using image(s) however, at times contact details are either outdated or no longer available. In the case of image use without prior permission, K.K will simply discontinue use of any image(s) after a formal request has been made. K.K uses many outsourced suppliers and companies to assist us in producing and delivering our products, prints and services. If at any time, a product, print or service is delayed, incorrect, lost or damaged (ie. in the mail) – our policy is to simply replace the product, print or service. K.K does not offer refunds for services already rendered.

For any future assistance or clarification regarding any legal or privacy issues, please contact our office directly.