About Keyshots.com K.K

Your life is made up of many moments that you never, ever want to forget.

With Keyshots/East-West Photography, you can fully enjoy those moments knowing that we’re there alongside you, capturing them while they happen.

More than 10 years ago Australian photographer Kerry Raftis (originally Keyshots.com) and U.S. Air Force photographer Mark Allen (East-West Photography) joined forces to create Keyshots.com/East-West Photography. Since then, Keyshots.com K.K has taken thousands of photos of people, of events, of life’s moments, all around the world. Based in Tokyo, people trust us when they want to create wonderful memories.

From pregnancy and your child’s first steps to sports days and graduations, we get the shots! At celebrations, social events and for occasions of all kinds, we get the shots! For personal portfolios, commericial needs and corporate agendas, we get the shots! Do you have something special in mind? We’ll get those shots too!

Whether you live here, or are just visiting, Keyshots.com East-West Photography can help you capture life’s magical moments, so why not contact us to discuss your ideas?


Keyshots/East-West Photographyなら、そんなあなたの大事な瞬間を逃すことなく、確実に捕らえる事が出来ます。

もともとKeyshots.comのオーストラリア人の写真家Kerry Raftisと、East-West Photographyの米軍写真家であるMark Allenによって10年以上前に設立されました。彼女らはそれぞれが得意とする分野を尊重し、力を合わせKeyshots.com East-West Photographyを作り上げたのです。この結果、Keyshots.com K.Kは何千枚、何万枚にも及ぶ世界中の人々、イベント、人生の瞬間を捕らえてきました。東京をベースに、お客様が素晴らしい思い出を作りたい時、それを記念に残したい時、私どもを信用し、依頼して頂いております。


私どもは東京に在住するインターナショナル プロフェッショナルチームです。あなたが東京に住んでいる方でも、ただ東京に遊びに来ている方でも、
Keyshots/East-West Photographyはあなたの大事な瞬間を捕らえるお手伝いをさせて頂きます。是非お問合せ下さい。